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Badges & Profiles

You can customize Badges and a Personality Profile Page after you take a test. Use these goodies to share your results with others. Take a Test or go to My Account to access these features.

Customizable Result Badges

Badges are graphics that display your test results and link to your profile page. They are ideal for use on your blog, web site, profiles, e-mail/forum signatures and other places on the web. We provide code in different formats for your convenience (HTML, Forum Code, etc.). All you have to do is copy and paste this code wherever you want your badge to show up. We also provide a tool to post badges to various social networks.

Customized Result Badges

Personality Profile Page

Your Personality Profile page shows your test results at (cool, huh?). You can customize your profile's colors, picture, etc.

Customized Personality Profile Pages

Just Take a Test to get your badges/profile. Note: Learning Styles and Brain Hemispheres results are included with MyPersonality PRO™.
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