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ENFJ - The "Mentor"

Jungian Personality Types, Take the Personality Test

ENFJs are externally focused, introspective, altruistic, positive and have excellent people skills. They place utmost importance on helping others grow. They are warm and have a natural desire to be supportive and encouraging. Being charismatic and possessing excellent language skills, they do well in leadership roles. ENFJs strive to enhance the lives of their human brethren. See MyPersonality PRO™ for a full description of your personality type.

ENFJ Representation



NF (Visionary)

ENFJ Population
Total: 4%
Male: 2.5%
Female: 5.5%

Primary Function
Secondary Function
Tertiary Function
Least Function

About the ENFJ
Expert Quotes & Links

"ENFJs are the benevolent 'pedagogues' of humanity. They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or grand schemes. Many ENFJs have tremendous power to manipulate others with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship."
- ENFJ Profile (TypeLogic)

"altruistic, easily hurt, religious, neat, content, positive, affectionate, image conscious..."
- ENFJ Jung Type Descriptions (

"Success for an ENFJ comes through involvement in the process of making things happen for people; through the accomplishments and satisfactions of those they have helped to enrich the human world with greater value, and through finding that their efforts on behalf of others have fulfilled their own life as well."
- ENFJ Personal Growth (The Personality Page)

"Teachers expect the very best of those around them, and this expectation, usually expressed as enthusiastic encouragement, motivates action in others and the desire to live up to their expectations."
"ENFJs are people-focused individuals. They live in the world of people possibilities. More so than any other type, they have excellent people skills. They understand and care about people, and have a special talent for bringing out the best in others. ENFJ's main interest in life is giving love, support, and a good time to other people. They are focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. They make things happen for people, and get their best personal satisfaction from this."
- Portrait of an ENFJ (The Personality Page)

"ENFJs focused on the organization's ideals and operate within those ideals. They focus on how organizations should treat people and communicate these values to others. They enjoy leading and facilitating teams, and like to bring matters to mutually beneficial conclusions. ENFJs prefer a work setting that contains individuals focused on changing things for the betterment of others."
- ENFJ - The Safe (Lifexplore)

"Rated by psychologists among 2 types least likely to have trouble in school. "
- ENFJ Facts (

Famous ENFJs

Real ENFJ People

Fictional ENFJs (Characters)

  • Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop
  • Jules Winnfield - Pulp Fiction

ENFJ Career Matches

ENFJs are often happy with the following jobs which tend to match well with the Mentor/Visionary personality.

  • Accountant/Auditor
  • Artist
  • Administrator
  • Actor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Banker/Economist
  • Consultant
  • Computer Specialist
  • Career Counselor
  • Church Worker
  • Diplomat
  • Designer
  • Events Coordinator
  • Editor
  • Engineer
  • Facilitator
  • Human Resources
  • Homemaker
  • Librarian
  • Musician
  • Nurse
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist/Counselor
  • Project Manager
  • Politician
  • Social Worker
  • Senior Manager
  • Scientist
  • Sales Representative
  • Trainer
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Technical Specialist
  • Writer

ENFJ Communities

Learn more about ENFJs from the ENFJs themselves by joining a group, forum or e-mail list.

  • ENFJ Facebook Group - A group on Facebook for ENFJ discussions and social networking.
  • ENFJ Forum - An ENFJ sub-forum at Personality Cafe.
  • SU: ENFJ - Group and discussion forum for ENFJs at StumbleUpon.
  • ENFJ Yahoo Group - Currently the largest ENFJ group on Yahoo Groups.

More ENFJ Information

Visit these recommended ENFJ profile pages for more information.

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