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ESFP - The "Entertainer"

Jungian Personality Types, Take the Personality Test

ESFPs are cooperative, "here and now" people-persons that enjoy excitement and love new adventures. Because of their highly social nature, they are especially lively when they are the center of attention and hate being alone. ESFPs have a practical side that allows them to finish work efficiently and are often good problem solvers. See MyPersonality PRO™ for a full description of your personality type.

ESFP Representation



SP (Creator)

ESFP Population
Total: 11%
Male: 8%
Female: 14%

Primary Function
Secondary Function
Tertiary Function
Least Function

About the ESFP
Expert Quotes & Links

"For the ESFP, the entire world is a stage. They love to be the center of attention and perform for people. They're constantly putting on a show for others to entertain them and make them happy. They enjoy stimulating other people's senses, and are extremely good at it. They would love nothing more than for life to be a continual party, in which they play the role of the fun-loving host."
- Portrait of an ESFP (The Pesonality Page)

"They love the excitement of playing to an audience, and they try to generate a sense of "showtime" wherever they are. Performers are not comfortable being alone most of the time..."
"outgoing, social, group oriented, dislikes science fiction, does not like to be alone"
- Jung Type Descriptions (ESFP) (
"ESFP like action and excitement, and are able to link together people and resources. Because they accept and deal with people as they are, they are able to understand what is necessary in order to motivate them to get jobs done. They prefer a work setting that is lively, action oriented, and harmonious."
- ESFP - The Joker (Lifexplore)

"The dominant function of ESFPs (Extraverted Sensing) is concerned with the reality that is perceived through the senses. This type's prime directive is to examine the tangible through taste, touch, sight, feeling and hearing. ESFPs' need for new experiences surely results from this function."
- ESFP Profile (TypeLogic)

Famous ESFPs

Real ESFP People

Fictional ESFPs (Characters)

ESFP Career Matches

ESFPs are often happy with the following jobs which tend to match well with the Entertainer/Creator personality.

  • Actor
  • Artist
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Coach
  • Comedian
  • Church Worker
  • Child Care
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fashion Designer
  • Human Resources
  • Interior Decorator
  • Lawyer/Attorney
  • Musician
  • Marketer
  • Painter
  • Psychologist/Counselor
  • Photographer
  • Recreation Worker
  • Receptionist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Supervisor
  • Sales Represenative
  • Social Worker
  • Scientist
  • Trainer
  • Technical Specialist

ESFP Communities

Learn more about ESFPs from the ESFPs themselves by joining a group, forum or e-mail list.

More ESFP Information

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