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Personality Types of Famous People

Listed below are the assumed Jungian personality types of well-known actors, artists, musicians, businessmen, politicians, writers, athletes and historical.

Famous Protectors (SJ)

  ESTJ - Overseer   ESFJ - Supporter   ISTJ - Examiner   ISFJ - Defender
Lyndon B. Johnson
American President
James Monroe
American President
Andrew Jackson
American President
William Henry Harrison
American President
Grover Cleveland
American President
Elliot Ness
prohibition agent
John D. Rockefeller
industrialist, philanthropist
Robert A. Taft
Governor of Ohio
Sam Walton
founder of Wal-Mart
Rev. Billy Graham
evangelist, writer
Pat Summit
basketball coach
George W. Bush
American President

William McKinley
American President
Don Knotts
John Connally
Steve Spurrier
football player
Nancy Kerrigan
Olympic figure skater
Elvis Stojko
Canadian figure skater
Jack Benny
comedian, actor
Desi Arnaz
actor, comedian, musician
Terry Bradshaw
football player
Mary Tyler Moore
actress, comedian

George Washington
American President
Andrew Johnson
American President
Benjamin Harrison
American President
Herbert Hoover
American President
George H. W. Bush
American President
Christ's Apostle
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
athlete (heptathlon)
Jack Webb
actor, producer
Warren Buffet
investor, businessman
Harry Truman
American President
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen of England

Barbara Bush
American First Lady
Robert E. Lee
Army Officer
Queen Mary I
Queen of England
Kristi Yamaguchi
figure skater
Mother Theresa
missionary nun

Famous Creators (SP)

  ESTP - Persuader   ESFP - Entertainer   ISTP - Craftsman   ISFP - Artist
James Buchanan
American President
Jacob (Israel)
Isaac's son, Abraham's grandson
Simon Peter
Disciple of Jesus
Mae West
Ernest Hemingway
American novelist
Lucille Ball
actress (I Love Lucy)
Roy Rogers
singer, actor
Eddie Murphy
actor, comedian
Jimmy Conners
tennis player
Bruce Willis
actor (Die Hard)
Michael J. Fox
actor (Back to the Future)
Donald Trump
businessman, TV personality
Joan Cusack
actress, comedian

Saint Mark
apostle, evangelist
Gracie Allen
Eva Gabor
Willard Scott
media personality
Kyle Petty
NASCAR driver
Arsenio Hall
Kathy Lee Gifford
actress, singer
Elvis Presley
singer/musician, actor
Ronald Reagan
American President, actor
Bill Clinton
American President, politician
Earvin "Magic" Johnson
basketball player
Pablo Picasso
Spanish painter, sculptor
Marilyn Monroe
actor, singer, model
Peter Kay
writer, actor, comedian
Cindy Gliebe
American vegan chef

Zachary Taylor
American President
Clint Eastwood
actor and director
Keith Richards
English guitarist/singer
Frank Zappa
Antony Worrall Thompson
British celebrity chef
Judy Finnigan
British TV star
Robin Cook
British politician
Chuck Yeager
U.S. Air Force officer
Alan Shepard
Michael Jordan
athelete (basketball, baseball)
Bruce Lee
martial artist, actor

Millard Fillmore
American President
Ulysses S. Grant
American President
Dan Quayle
American Vice President
Marie Antoinette
Archduchess of Austria, Queen of France
Fred Astaire
actor, dancer
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
First Lady (Wife of J.F.K.)
Auguste Rodin
French sculptor
Doris Day
actress, singer

Famous Intellectuals (NT)

  ENTJ - Chief   ENTP - Originator   INTJ - Strategist   INTP - Engineer
Franklin D. Roosevelt
American President
Richard Nixon
American President
Harrison Ford
actor (Indiana Jones)
Steve Martin
actor, comedian
Whoopi Goldberg
actress, comedian
Margaret Thatcher
British Prime Minister
Dave Letterman
TV show host, comedian
Newt Gingrich
Speaker of the House
Jim Carrey
actor, comedian
Bill Gates
Microsoft Founder
Benny Goodman
Jazz musician
Al Gore
former American Vice President
Candace Bergen
actress (Murphy Brown)
Patrick Stewart
actor (Star Trek's "Cpt. Picard")
Edward Teller
theoretical physicist

Alexander the Great
king, military commander
Sir Walter Raleigh
writer, poet, explorer
Walt Disney
filmmaker, entrepreneur
Nikola Tesla
inventor, physicist, engineer
John Adams
American President
James A. Garfield
American President
Rutherford B. Hayes
American President
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
American President
Lewis Carroll
author (Alice in Wonderland)
Julia Child
chef, author, TV personality
George Carlin
comedian, actor, author
John Candy
comedian, actor
Weird Al Yankovic
musician (satire/parody)
Marilyn Vos Savant
author, lecturer, playwright
Alfred Hitchcock
filmmaker (The Birds)
David Spade
actor, comedian
Matthew Perry
actor (Friends)
Rodney Dangerfield
comedian, actor

Dwight D. Eisenhower
American President
Thomas Jefferson
American President
Augustus Caesar
Roman Emperor
Hannibal Barca
Military Commander
Susan B. Anthony
civil rights leader
Arthur Ashe
tennis champion
Jane Austen
author (Pride and Prejudice)
Angela Lansbury
actress (Murder, She Wrote)
Peter Jennings
C. S. Lewis
apologist, author (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Joan Lunden
Edwin Moses
olympic gold medalist
Martina Navratilova
tennis champion
Arnold Schwarzenegger
actor, Governor of California
Rudy Giuliani
former New York City mayor
Donald Rumsfeld
former U.S. Secretary of Defense
General Colin Powell
former U.S. Secretary of State
Lance Armstrong
cyclist (seven Tour De France wins)
Katie Couric
Dan Akroyd
actor, comedian, musician
Chevy Chase
actor, comedian
Ivan Lendl
tennis champion
Woodrow Wilson
American President
Raymond Burr
actor (Perry Mason), vintner
Michael Dukakis
former Governor of Massachusetts
Greg Gumbel
TV sportscaster
Orel Hershiser
baseball player (pitcher)
C. Everett Koop
former U.S. Surgeon General
Charles Rangel
politician, decorated war veteran
Pernell Roberts
actor, activist
Maria Shriver
journalist, wife to Arnold Schwarzenegger
Josephine Tey
English author
Chester A. Arthur
lawyer, American President
Calvin Coolidge
American President
James K. Polk
American President

Abraham Lincoln
American President
James Madison
American President
John Quincy Adams
American President
John Tyler
American President
Gerald Ford
American President
William Harvey
medical doctor
Charles Darwin
English naturalist
Rene Descartes
French philosopher
Albert Einstein
German physicist
Blaise Pascal
French mathematician
Greek philosopher
Carl Jung
Swiss psychiatrist
William James
American psychologist
Bob Newhart
comedian, actor
Jeff Bingaman
U.S. Senator
Rick Moranis
actor (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids)
Brent Spiner
actor ("Data" on Star Trek)
Midori Ito
Japanese figure skater
Mary-Kate Olsen
actress (Full House)
Ashley Olsen
actress (Full House)

Famous Visionaries (NF)

  ENFJ - Mentor   ENFP - Advocate   INFJ - Confidant   INFP - Dreamer
King David
King of Israel
Abraham Maslow
Ross Perot
Francois Mitterand
French President
Peyton Manning
NFL quarterback
Mikhail Gorbachev
last leader of Soviet Union
William Aramony
United Way president
Craig T. Nelson
actor (Coach)
Diane Sawyer
television journalist
Ben Stiller
actor, comedian
Pete Sampras
tennis champion
Ralph Nader
attorney, political activist
John Wooden
basketball player, coach
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
minister, civil rights activist
Margaret Mead
cultural anthropologist

Will Rogers
Bus ter Keaton
silent film comic actor
James Dobson
evangelical psychologist
Andy Rooney
television writer
Paul Harvey
radio broadcaster
Bill Cosby
actor, comedian, activist
King Jordan
deaf president of Gallaudet University
Paul Robeson
actor, athlete, singer, writer, activist
Joseph Campbell
writer, orator
Bob Dylan
singer-songwriter, musician
Phil Donahue
TV personality
Bill Moyers
journalist, commentator
Charles Dickens
English novelist
Upton Sinclair
author, investigative journalist
Dave Thomas
businessman (Wendy's), philanthropist
Martin Short
Canadian actor, comedian
Alicia Silverstone
actress (Clueless), fashion model
actor, comedian
Andy Kaufman
American entertainer
Regis Philbin
TV personality

Martin Van Buren
American President
Prophet of Israel
Greek dramatist
Fanny Crosby
hymn writer
Michael Landon
actor (Little House on the Prairie)
Oprah Winfrey
TV show host
Billy Crystal
actor, comedian
James Reston
Piers Anthony
sci-fi/fantasy writer
Paul Stookey
Garry Trudeau
cartoonist (Doonesbury)
Nelson Mandela
President of South Africa
Mel Gibson
actor, filmmaker
Carrie Fisher
actress, screenwriter, novelist
Jamie Foxx
actor, musician, comedian
Adam Sandler
actor, comedian
Gillian Anderson
actress (X-Files)
Anthony Kiedis
singer (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

ancient Roman poet
Mother of Jesus
Disciple of Jesus
physician, author
William Shakespeare
English poet and playwright
A. A. Milne
author (Winnie the Pooh)
Laura Ingalls Wilder
author (Little House on the Prairie)
Helen Keller
deaf/blind author, activist, lecturer
Fred Rogers
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Dick Clark
television personality
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
lawyer, journalist, publisher
Neil Diamond
Tom Brokaw
television journalist
James Herriot
veterinary surgeon, writer
Annie Dillard
author (Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)
James Taylor
singer-songwriter, guitarist
Scott Bakula
actor (Start Trek Enterprise)
Amy Tan
author (The Joy-Luck Club)
Lisa Kudrow
actress ("Phoebe" on Friends)
Fred Savage
actor (The Wonder Years)
Audrey Hepburn
actress (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
George Orwell
author, journalist
Princess Diana
Princess of Wales
Aldous Huxley
English author
Isabel Briggs Myers
psychological theorist
Mia Farrow
Peter Jackson
filmmaker (Lord of the Rings
J. R. R. Tolkien
writer (Lord of the Rings)
Albert Schweitzer
theologian, musician, physician

Note that these should be considered "best guesses" and are not necessarily correct.

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