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Personality Test with Detailed Report

Be happier and more successful in life by learning more about your personality. Your in-depth personality report contains personalized information to help you improve in many areas including your relationships, career and education.
MyPersonality PRO™ Report Cover

Your Expanded Personality Report Includes...

  • 68 Pages of Personalized Results
  • 46 Detailed Charts and Graphs
  • Comparisons (Averages, Gender)
  • Full Personality Type Profile
  • Analysis of Your Preferences
  • Your Cognitive Functions
  • Analysis of Your Intelligences
  • Analysis of Your Brain Hemispheres
  • Analysis of Your Learning Styles
  • Personal Learning/School Strategies
  • Personal Relationship Strategies
  • Personal Career/Work Strategies
  • Personal Career Matches
  • Your Strengths & Weaknesses
  • View Your Report Online
  • Download / Print PDF Version
  • And Much More
  • Plus, Account Enhancements

  • Extra Results on Badges
  • Extra Results on Profile Page
  • No Ads on Your Profile Page

Get Your Personality Report

MyPersonality PRO™ combines and adds to all of our tests to provide you with extended results in the form of your 68-page personality report.
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A sampling of the many pages in your report...
MyPersonality PRO™ Report Sample Pages
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